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  good morning everyone:

  it's a great honor for me to stand here to deliver a speech to you. thentoday i want to talk something about dreams and reality.

  as the famous russian litterateur lev tolstoy (列夫、托尔斯泰)said, “ideal is thebeacon(烟火、灯塔). without ideal, there is no secure (无虑的, 安全的, 安心的, 可靠的',保险的)direction; without a direction, there is no life.” so there’s no doubt thateveryone needs his or her own ideal. have you ever thought that what ispractical and sensible(.明智的, 有感觉的, 明理的) will connect with our most treasureddreams? maybe, to somebody, reality has little relation to ideal. to othersnothing can be done without the sense of reality. so make our dreams a part ofour reality. and make our reality a part of our dreams. there is no reason whyour dreams must oppose our reality. improve our dreams and our reality bybringing them together.

  as a university student, establishing a dream is one of the most importantthings we have to do .but everyone must see the reality clearly at first. yourfamily condition, your personal ability, your social intercourse (交往、交流), yoursubject and the job you want to do, these things show you the reality and leadyou to establish a dream.

  further more, difficult or otherwise, we should put the power of reality intoour dreams. last but not least remember to work hard at the task of chasing追逐our dreams. do believe that we can achieve our ideal step by step by thepassage of time!

  in the end, i want to share with you a poetry named " i think i can".

  maybe you can not understand the meaning of the poetry , but do not beworried ,let me tell you the meaning.

  thank you for your listening!


  good morning,ladies and gentlemen,today i am so happy to stand here to giveyou a speech.or rather, a real story of mine.

  though with time going by,i can still remember what you once told me.youshould be a brave girl.smiling,you looked into my eyes.year in,year out,nearlymost of my memories are fading little by little.but only this simple sentenceremained,without being forgotten in my life.

  again and again,i can not stop myself from thinking about it.so ordinary,butso impressive,so moving,just like the brightest sunshine,it helps me go throughthe darkest night.i am such a sensitive girl in your heart.you said,my sorrofulfacial expression made feel so distersssed.however,there is one thing i nevertell you,that is ,i am becoming a big girl gradually with your words andsmiles.i never tell you about it,for i believe oneday,you can see the greatchanges of mine for yourself.that is what i want to do in return.as i know,thatwill be the best gift for you.

  i suddenly think of a song named my heart will go on.there is a beautifulsentence going like this.you are safe in my heart.more than once,i was moved totears by it.i know ,i am also safe in your heart.i have already forgotten when itold you i was going to leave for australia this summer holiday.you just smiledas usual,gently speaking.whatever you decide to do,i will be in favor of it,but,just onething,remember,when you fell lonely abroad,do not forget we are here,praying for you.we are all around you,far across the distance and space betweenus.i closed my eyes,the flashback started.the memories we had together,once weplayed games on the palyground,we played jokes on each other,you always wrote alot of sentences on my articles to encourage me.and the most unforgetablething,you told me,you believed m i could be a big girl.sooner or later.

  at that specific moment,i suddenly understood the meaning of this sentencetotally.so on that day,i smiled as you used to,looking at you.the last words isaid were,keep walking in sunshine.

  yes,keep walking in sunshine.i said to you ,also to myself.i know i am notalone wiht your company,and we can keep walking in sunshine till the last minuteof our days.

  i promise,i will be a big girl.

  i promise,i will be a brave girl.

  i promise,i will keep walking in sunshine.

  that is my speech,thank you!


  The way to world’s future-low carbon life “low-carbon” is one of the mostpopular buzz-words in this year. Not only China but all countries focus on thetopic of “low-carbon”.

  Here, I’d like to share my own experience abroad with you. Several years ago,I was very lucky to have an opportunity to live in the Australia about half amonth. During that time, Not only did I enjoy the beautiful natural scenerythere, but also I appreciated the people’s active way of protecting theirenvironment. Now, whenever the environment protection is mentioned, thebeautiful scenery of Australia will arise in my mind, white clouds flying acrossthe blue sky, green grassplot sprinkled with colorful flowers and lovelysquirrels playing happily among the trees.

  As a citizen of China, if everyone can actively protect the environment inour daily life and if we would like to reduce our carbon footprint, the sceneryof blue sky, green grass and lovely animals in Australia will appear in China,even in HeFei. But I totally support the view, that is to say, Emotion withoutaction is irrelevant! Do you unplug electronics after you use them? Do youswitch off everything before you go to sleep? Do you adjust your TV screen a bitdimmer to save energy? Do you re-use water for different activities around thehouse? Each of these seemingly insignificant adjustments in your daily life canmake a difference in saving the environment of tomorrow.

  We all know that nothing is more comfortable than sitting in the warmth of ahearted car while it’s snowing and hailing outside in the freezing cold…But withglobal warming and even global cooling becoming more pressing by the day, not tomention your own health, take a walk ,ride a bike ,reduce your carbon footprinton the environment .It is said that tiny streams can be combined into a vastocean, small trees can be an immense forest, and every little makes amickle.

  “low-carbon” is not just a buzz-word but a goal that people from all over theworld wanna get. So, reduce carbon footprint! Reduce damage! Save energy! Savethe world! Thanks for your listening.


  On earth, except human beings, what else? Yes, there are animal. But afterseveral years, animal numbers decreased gradually. Human beings have no regardanimal as a friend?

  Animal and human should be good friends, but why animal and human enemies? Isbecause people don't send in the eyes of the animal. Such as the cow. With cowdairy production such as human, cow milk can not time, humans will put the cowto brutally kill. Cow's milk, will not be released? The cow is also a vivid lifeah! In recent years the "plague, AIDS, mad cow disease, avian flu", these are aharbinger of animal who respond! The meeting has also had the third world war?Our ancestors is an animal! If human beings don't stop this killing the animalbehavior, is the mother of our area heavy blow ah!

  Home we don't damage animal now, so they can feel at ease to animalreproduction. Animal friends, also have a piece of blue sky, let the bird flyfreely; to the animal a piece of green grass, let the cattle and sheep runningmerrily; also a world of waters animal, allow the animal to be light of heartfrom care to swim in the ocean. Perhaps, this can soothe animal were woundedsoul. Animal originally bad, but human destruction of their homes, these arejust their effects on human "revenge".

  Friends, let us work together to protect animal!


  good afternoon everybody!

  its my honor to speak here and i am very glad to share my topic with all ofyou. today id like to talk about “my dream”. i do not just have one dream, infact, i have three. they are: a healthy life, a happy family and to travel mygreat country.

  i have always admired the long healthy life my grandparents have. they areolder than 80 years of age and they are still alive and kicking! how do they dothat!? my grandparents plant vegetables and grow rice themselves; even in theirold age they still make food for themselves! i guess that is why they can remainhealthy. more importantly they remain humble and never ask for too much fromlife. perhaps that makes them common, but they live a happy life. my grandmotheronce told me this:” i do not want to live long, only long enough for some grandchildren to be running around in my house”. i want to live a long, healthy andhappy life just as they have.

  since my graduation from primary school, until now, every time on my birthdayi make the same wish. i wish my parents will not fight anymore. i am notcomplaining that they gave me a bad childhood, they just fight so much! i amunhappy but that does not mean they do not love me. they do! they love me withall their heart. i love my parents also; i want them to live a happy life aswell.

  i want to travel this great country of ours. i want to see the beauty of ourcountry. i want to see the miracles that made this country great! i want to gofrom the east to west, from the north all the way down to the south! i have adream, that one day i can travel and see my country with my family and friends!if that is not possible, seeing my country on my own is good enough also. if ican fulfill all three of my dreams in life, then god can take me away. i wouldbe happy, and l would have lived a full and prosperous life.

  thank you everyone for listening to my dreams.

  thank you!